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Our Guarantee To You

We believe that complete, customer satisfaction is paramount to the integrity of the business, as is the guarantee that comes with it. Whilst our equipment produces optimum precision and the most professional finish imaginable, it is not infallible, however in the unlikely event that a problem occurs, you’ll be pleased to know that all of our work is guaranteed.  Every effort is made to uphold the high standards of the business and we will ensure that you are 100% satisfied and wanting to return for your engraving needs in the future.

If Infinity Engraving is happy with the quality of the work then the customer will be also.

We provide our clients with a 24 hour turn around. If your order is received by 9am then it can be picked up or couriered that afternoon or the very next day.  (Conditions apply).

Our History

Since 2006 Infinity Engraving has been operating in its own right.

James Reddy — the founding owner, had previously been managing HA Engraving for 4 years prior to purchasing the business in which was then re-branded to Infinity Engraving. HA Engraving had been servicing Canberra and surrounding regions for 18 years. Following the re-branding, Infinity Engraving, largely expanded its facilities in order to provide a more diverse range of services and further accommodate the needs of its clients and thus reflecting the sheer amount of endless possibilities that can be achieved.

In 2007 Infinity Engraving acquired another successful business, Gasper Enterprises in Sydney and OzeBadge to complete the business solution. Gasper Enterprises had been servicing clients Australia wide for 30 years and Infinity Engraving continued to nurture the combination of the businesses into one.

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T: 02 6262 9862 | F: 02 6248 7274 | M: 0412 604 402 | E: james@infinityengraving.com.au

59 Cossington Smith Crescent, Lyneham ACT 2602 (residential address).